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Skogssällskapet in Sweden

Johan Asp, skogsförvaltare i Linköping, tillsammans med en lokal entreprenör. Foto: Thomas Adolfsén

It is in Sweden that Skogssällskapet has its roots and its base. Skogssällskapet’s head office is in Gothenburg, and most employees are based in Sweden.

Skogssällskapet has 23 offices in Sweden, from Hässleholm in the south to Vilhelmina in the north.

The business operation is divided into seven regions: Norrland, eastern Svealand, central Svealand, western Svealand, eastern Götaland, western Götaland, and southern Götaland. These regions are shown on the map.

In each region, forest managers work together with production and wood managers. In consultation with the forest owner, the local forest manager tailors the management of the forest to the owner’s objectives and goals, both short and long term.

Map over Skogssällskapets six regions in Sweden.Zoom image

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