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Forestry certification is a voluntary undertaking that helps to increase nature values, and is becoming an increasingly important requirement when selling wood. As a full-service client with Skogssällskapet, we can help you through the entire process, from analysis to follow up.

Interest in sustainable forestry, both in and outside Sweden, is strongly influencing sales of forest products, and demand for certified products is increasing.


Skogssällskapet offers three types of forestry certification. Certification according to the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®), according to the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes™), or double certification according to both FSC and PEFC .

Both systems are internationally recognised, and you are free to choose which of the three alternatives suits you best. The systems have more similarities than differences, but you cannot sell products from PEFC-certified forestry as FSC-certified or vice versa. (Licnr. FSC-C0179903).

Analysis, implementation and follow up

Certification is included as part of Skogsällskapet’s full-service offer. This means that we prepare all the obligatory documentation, and manage the entire process until you are approved as a member in Skogssällskapet’s group certificate.

For forestry, certification means, for example, that key biotopes are preserved, and that at least 5% of the productive forest land is set aside to create high nature values in the future. In felling, the wood value is utilised, but the ecological processes in the forest are also carefully considered. The principle is a combination of good economy and long-term return.

Benefits of our management services

  • Responsible forestry
  • Follow up and quality assurance
  • Better selling conditions

Do you want to know more about forest certification and what we can offer you?

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