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Forest Strategy (Skogsstrategi®)

Is our forestry sustainable? What will our forest be like when the children take over? How much money can I get from the forest when I retire? These are just some of the questions we know that forest owners ask, and we have the answer: the Forest Strategy.

A Forest Strategy is an analysis of what lies ahead on the basis of the data in the Forestry Plan, and generates an objective action plan and long-term consequence analyses. These analyses comprise simulations of how your forest and its values will develop over time, up to 100 years into the future. The Forest Strategy is presented in the form of PDF documents displayed on My Pages – your personal client pages here on the website.

The Forest Strategy is included in our standard offer, and is a base-analysis with preselected input values, such as interest rate, risk level, and a smooth cash flow. You can request a more detailed forest strategy called Forest Strategy Plus, but this is not included in the basic fee and is subject to a separate charge. In Forest Strategy Plus, we can specify the different objectives and goals of your forest ownership, and present comparative analyses. The service is warmly recommended.

Forest Strategy Plus

It is your objectives and goals that determine how the forest is to be worked – not vice versa. In Forest Strategy Plus, we analyse your property on the basis of your objectives and goals, which provides an objective base for how your forest can be managed to attain your goals. The result is a customised strategy that maximises the yield from your forest ownership.

In Forest Strategy Plus, the consequences of different alternatives are presented clearly, for example if you choose to fell the forest now, or later, if you decide to switch to continuous cover forestry, or continue as you have done before. You receive budget data that you can take to the bank, showing planned revenues and expenses for many years to come.

Public forest owners

For owners of public forests, a forest strategy can make communication with the public easier. The Forest Strategy gives a picture of how forest currently being felled is planned to look like in twenty years. In forests close to urban areas, the Forest Strategy shows that there is a long-term plan, and good reasons for carrying out the activities.

Benefits of the Forest Strategy

  • More detailed picture of the future, and you see that the forestry is sustainable.
  • Security of knowing what is ahead, and what your forest will look like in 10, 20, 50 and 100 years – compared with a Forestry Plan that only covers the next 10 years.
  • Closer monitoring of the cash flows, both immediately and in the longer term.
  • Data for communication with the bank ahead of acquisition of forest, or as a base for planning an intergenerational transfer.
  • Planning gains, by optimising wood transactions and planning machine resources.

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Johan Johansson

Owning forest involves trade-offs between your own and other stakeholders. Somewhere here, among all the trade-offs, are your goals, what you want to achieve. And, with our management services, we want to help you get there.

Johan Johansson, forest manager in Jönköping, Sweden