We have been bringing added value to forests and forest owners since 1912. Our experienced advisors can help you – regardless of whether you want to maximise revenues or promote hunting or nature values.

Wood sales

At Skogssällskapet we have no ownership ties to sawmills and forest industries. Because of our independence, we can act in your best interests in terms of price, timing of a sale, and type of felling.

Every year, we handle hundreds of wood sales with different sawmills, pulp mills and other wood buyers.

Benefits for you as forest management client

  • Felling is based on your objectives and goals, not the supply needs of industry.
  • Higher net profits by incorporating tax planning with sales.
  • More assortments generate higher revenues.
  • Higher price because of the larger number of buyers, both in Sweden and abroad.

Close collaboration with our partners enables us to closely monitor trends in the wood market. Our market extends around the entire Baltic Sea. We conduct operations and have extensive networks in Finland and throughout the Baltic region.

Because we are free from ownership ties to industry, we can tailor the sale, ensuring that your wood is sold where it is needed at the time, and where you get the highest price. This means that, over time, our management clients are ensured high revenues from their wood.

Right tree at the right time to the right place

Our task as forest manager is to ensure that you get maximum return from your forest holding. A business transaction involving a wood sale is preceded by a comprehensive analysis. Together with you, we ensure that:

  • the timing of the sale is right,
  • you have chosen the right stand for felling, in terms of the forest and revenue,
  • we have control over the tax consequences of the sale,
  • we find the right buyer and the right type of sale.

We continuously follow up and check the quality of our wood sales. This ensures that you, as client, can have confidence in what we deliver, what we promise, in all stages.

Types of sale

Our independence means that we can offer different types of sale. The most common way is that we buy the wood from you and then sell it to one of our industry clients. You are then guaranteed a market price, while we stand for the business risk.

In certain cases, it may be more favourable to offer the forest for sale as stumpage, where the buyer is responsible for felling, or as delivery stumpage, where the buyer offers a price per felled cubic metre. The best way to sell depends on the market and the type of stand. Naturally, we can help you with this.

We can coordinate your volumes with those of other clients, so you get a good price even with smaller sales.