About us

Skogssällskapet is a public service foundation whose main objectives are to ensure sustainable forest and land management. We manage and develop forest properties for private and public forest owners in Sweden, Finland and Latvia.

We help forest owners develop their forest properties, maximising their potential. The objective is to enrich the different values in the forest, and to use the forest sustainably, from an economic, ecological and social perspective. Skogssällskapet is an independent foundation, with no ownership ties to sawmills or other forest industries, so our management is based on the forest owner’s own objectives and goals.

Skogssällskapet’s head office is in Gothenburg, Sweden. In total, we have 23 offices in Sweden, from Hässleholm in the south to Vilhelmina in the north. In other countries, we have offices in Kirkonummi in Finland, and in Cēsis in Latvia. See all our offices under Contact.

Focus on research and knowledge development

We reinvest the profit from the management of our and clients’ forests in knowledge development. Each year, the Skogssällskapet foundation allocates approximately 1,5 million EUR in grants to research and development relating to forest management and conservation.

Skogssällskapet mainly funds research projects in Sweden, but we also welcome applications from Finnish universities and research institutes. Read more about our research funding here.

Another of our activities is to extend and broaden the public debate regarding forest and forest management, and to raise public awareness of issues relating to sustainable development.

Sustainable forestry on our own properties

Skogssällskapet owns forest properties in all countries in which we operate. We manage our own forests in line with the same concept and values as the Skogssällskapet Foundation, i.e. sustainable management of forest and land.

Within the Business Area Our Own Forests we manage and develop our own properties in terms of forest production, nature conservation, research and experiments, tenures, land parcels, and changes in the property portfolio.

We have around 30 experimental plots placed in our own forests, where we test new methods and approaches. Read more about our own forests here.

Presence around the Baltic Sea

Skogssällskapets head office is in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our head office in Finland is located in Kirkonummi, and in Latvia it is located in Cēsis.