Skogsällskapet and research funding

Skogssällskapet is one of the biggest private funders of forest-related research. Each year, we allocate approximately 1,5 million EUR in grants to research, knowledge development, communication and knowledge dissemination about forest management and conservation.

Skogssällskapet is a public service foundation with the objective of sustainable development of forest and land. One of the foundation’s most important tools in attaining this objective is to fund research and other knowledge development on forest management and conservation.

All forest owners and the forest itself are to benefit from the research and knowledge development that Skogssällskapet funds, so we award grants to projects focusing on various aspects of forest, forest management, and conservation.

We mainly fund applied research and knowledge development, so that the benefits of the projects are clearly evident. Skogssällskapet mainly funds research projects in Sweden, but we also welcome applications from Finnish universities and research institutes.

The size of the grant can vary from several thousand Swedish kronor to several million. The most extensive research projects take a long time, sometimes extending over several years.