Forest investment – advisory service and investment support

At Skogssällskapet, we provide forest acquisition support services and long-term forest estate management since 1912. With a robust and long-term presence in three countries around the Baltic Sea, we bring strong experience and competence to help clients make the most informed decisions when it comes to acquiring forest properties.

Three short facts about the market in Sweden, Finland and Latvia:

  • Around 300 000 hectare of forests for sale each year
  • Long and stable forestry traditions
  • Well developed forest industry and infrastructure

We are able to handle both large-scale assignments for institutional investors as well as smaller private projects.

Our strength lies in our ability to define a forest acquisition strategy and identify the perfect properties that align with the client’s goals. With the help of our multiple valuation methods, we can find the right market price and succeed with transactions. Beyond that, we offer a comprehensive approach by not only facilitating the acquisition but also taking charge of managing and developing the acquired forest estates. Our management solution ensures that investments yield optimal results over the long term.

We recognize that forests hold diverse values, and our forest managers are happy to uncover opportunities beyond timber production. Whether it's caption of carbon, game management and hunting, nature conservation values, or other values, we're committed maximizing the potential of the client’s forest properties.

Explore our range of services and discover how Skogssällskapet can be your trusted partner with your forest investments, creating lasting value every step of the way.

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