Work and career

All employees at Skogssällskapet is a part of our overall objective; sustainable forest development. Photo: Christian Gustavsson

Photo: Christian Gustavsson

At Skogssällskapet, our objective is sustainable forest development. We manage forest in line with the forest owner’s objectives and goals, to ensure that it is financially profitable while also considering biodiversity and experience values. All Skogssällskapet employees participate in this work in different ways, although far from everyone works in the field.

At Skogssällskapet we value openness, respect, proactivity and a client focus in our employees. Regardless of your role in the organisation, it is important that you live and breathe these values.

Skogssällskapet has around 130 employees, of which approximately 100 work in Sweden. We have offices from Vilhelmina in the north to Hässleholm in the south. The offices are of different sizes, so all everyday work tasks involve the ability to take responsibility and show commitment and flexibility. Because of the geographical distances, we combine digital solutions for meetings with a smaller number of physical meetings.

Dedicated leadership

We regard it as self-evident that Skogssällskapet’s managers are dedicated in their leadership. As a manager at Skogssällskapet, your main task is to enable your employees to develop and attain the goals of their tasks. Often, we work in teams, and it is the manager’s task to support and promote the teamwork.

We challenge traditional approaches’

Skogssällskapet has been in existence for over a hundred years (read more about our history here). As our employee, you become part of an organisation where knowledge and experience are important, but where nothing is set in stone. Every year, we fund research and knowledge development for approximately SEK 15 million. We use this new knowledge to develop how we manage forests, both our clients’ and our own. Traditional approaches must always be challenged to allow space for new knowledge and new solutions, so that the forest can be used in a sustainable way, both now and in the future.

Our most common positions

Our most common position is that of forest manager. Today, we have around 50 forest managers, but the ambition is to be more. We also have property consultants, financial consultants, production and wood managers, IT specialists, administrators, and various communications and marketing positions.