Certification in Sweden

Skogssällskapet’s Swedish management and production operation has environmental certification according to ISO 14001, FSC® and PEFC. We serve as an umbrella organisation for FSC and PEFC, and can offer our clients certification of their forest property.

Certification of a forest holding shows that the owner stands for a good balance between ecological, social and economic factors in forestry. It is also one step higher than legal requirements relating to forestry.

Umbrella organisation

Skogssällskapet is an umbrella organisation for FSC and PEFC, so forest owners can obtain certification for their forest property through us. A forest owner that is certified through Skogssällskapet receives a certificate with our certificate number. The affiliation can concern just FSC or to both FSC and PEFC.

Mutual commitment

When a forest owner joins a certification system through Skogssällskapet, they have undertaken to perform their forestry activities in accordance with the criteria in the standard documents of each certification system. At the same time, we at Skogssällskapet have committed to ensure compliance with the certification criteria of the certification organisations.

If you wish to register a complaint or submit comments on certification according to FSC or PEFC, read more under Complaints.

Goal to increase proportion of certified forest

Skogssällskapet aims to promote sustainable development of forest and land. Certification helps us move towards our objective, so our goal is to increase the area of certified land in Sweden.

All forests that Skogssällskapet owns are certified according to both FSC and PEFC.


Skogssällskapet is certified through Det Norske Veritas according to ISO 14001, FSC and PEFC. We hold the following certificates (click to show the certificate).